Ready to make your dreams a reality?


Where to Begin

Making your dream build a reality is a long process. Please visit our showroom so we can go over the specifics like colors, upholstery and engine build. Once we have all of the information written up we will begin the journey.


  • Powder Coat / Polishing

    A good build is all about balance. We recommend choosing at least two different finishes, our favorite combination is a candy powder coat paired with polished parts.

  • Upholstery

    On top of beautiful powder and polishing we also offer custom seats. If you're having a custom paint job done we can typically make a seat to flow with it.

  • Engine

    Last but not least, the engine. This is the part a lot of people overlook. Whether you want to go crazy with the engine or just do some mild mods we have it covered.

What to Expect

The custom build process will take a while depending on how custom you plan to get. When we discuss options, we will be able to get a better idea on the time frame and pricing. We also try our best to document full builds with pictures and videos so we can send you these via instagram or facebook if you ask.