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Engine Building & Restoration


Here At Cascade, We Have Been Building Quality Banshee Engines Since 1991 And Continue To Set The Standard For Building Durable, Reliable Dune And Drag Race Engines! Below Are Some Examples, Options And Suggestions To Fit Your Riding Type. To Get A Price Quote And Specific Details For The Engine Configuration That Suits You Best, Just Call Our Tech Support And We'll Gladly Assist You From Start To Finish!               (503) 663-2887                    






Before Clutch Modifications to this engine include: 4mm crank and polished 68 bore cheetah cub cylinders making this a 421cc engine, polished clutch case with lockout assembly, black powder coated cases, Pro Design cool head with big bore domes, chrome bullet nuts, billet stator plate,  heavy duty clutch pak, cda, shift pro, gear slammer, straight cut gears, polished billet manifolds, polished billet water pump cover, polished billet stator cover....etc.... After! after



Before  Modifications to this engine include:4mm crank and polished race ported  66 bore cylinders making this a 396cc engine, polished pro design cool head & domes, gloss black powder coated cases, billet water pump impeller, polished clutch case with lock out assembly, heavy duty clutch pak, polished billet water pump cover & a billet stator plate. After!




Modifications to this engine include:4mm crank, polished dune ported 66 bore cylinders making this a 396cc engine polished Pro Design cool head & domes, candy blue powder coated cases, polished cylinders, 2 into 1 billet manifold, V-force reeds, billet water pump impeller,polished modified clutch case with lock out, heavy duty clutch pak,  & a billet stator plate.  After!


Before Modifications to this engine include:10mm billet crank, polished 72 bore super cub cylinders making this a 521cc engine, straight cut gears, clutch lockout assembly with a heavy duty clutch pak, gear slammer, shift pro, modified shift segment, cda, billet neutral switch cover,  polished Noss Machine cool head, powder coated cases, V-force III's with Retainers, billet manifolds, billet stator plate & a billet water pump impeller.  After!

List of additional machine work we perform:

*case boring

*bore & hone cylinders

*tru & welding cranks

*trench cases

*epoxy cases

*port cylinders

*custom cut domes

*2 stroke dyno jet dyno testing